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Hair ExtensionsTape-In MethodStarting at - $200; Prices are subject to change.The Newest Method available for Hair Extensions. Natural Hair is "sandwiched" using a Double or Single-sided Polyurethane Tape.Hair Not Included; Ponytail ExtensionsStarting at $85; Prices are subject to change.Ponytail Extensions are added to natural hair to create a variety of ponytail styles based on client preference.Hair is Not IncludedFront Lace WigStarting at - $175; Prices are subject to change.Textures: Straight, Curly, Kinky; Custom ColorExtensions/Half/Full/Sew-In WeaveLace Closure 4x4, Lace Closure - Ear to Ear, 360 ClosureStarting at - $350; Prices are subject to change.Half Sew-In WeaveStarting at - $200; Prices are subject to change.Weave Take-DownStarting at - $75; Prices are subject to change.Hair is Not Included; Crochet BraidsStarting at - $250; Prices are subject to change.Also known as Latch Hook Braids, it is a technique for braiding hair that involves crocheting a variety of pre-textured hair extensions, such as curly, kinky, dread locs, or braided hair to a person's natural cornrowed hair with a latch hook or crochet hook.Hair Care RelaxerStarting at - $150; Prices are subject to change.A Chemical-Based Hair Straightening System; Used on hair that has never been chemically treated or on hair that has been treated but has over 2 inches of new hair growth.Retouch RelaxerStarting at - $100; Prices are subject to change.Dread Loc MaintenanceStarting at - $225; Prices are subject to change.Palm RollA Hairstyle in which the hair is washed but not combed and new growth is twisted while wet. Locs can then be styled into a variety of looks.Blow OutPrices are subject to change.Starting at $60 - With Shampoo and ConditionerStarting at $35 - Blow Out onlyHair Styling/Dressing💇Flat IronStarting at - $75; Prices are subject to change.A device used for straightening hair by pressing and pulling sections of hair between two heated metal or ceramic, flat, rectangular plates.Press n Curl/Silk PressStarting at - $75; Prices are subject to change.Also known as a Straightening Comb, is a hot, metal comb that is used to straighten and create a smoother hair texture in African American women's hair. The hot comb is heated and used to straighten the hair from the roots. It is placed directly in a professional ceramic heater oven and the temperature is controlled by the stylist to achieve a smoother texture.CurlsStarting at - $50; Prices are subject to change.A Variety of Hair Styles using a Curling IronComb TwistStarting at - $75; Prices are subject to change.Cornrow StylesStraight Back Cornrows; Prices are subject to change.Starting at - $65Designer CornrowsStarting at - $125Two Strand Twist with Natural HairStarting at - $75; Prices are subject to change



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Becoming a Hair Stylist has always been my passion and dream , so I take my career very seriously. Your hair will not be just done, it will be actually cared for. What make me stand out?I do not work on more than one client at a time, unless the services flow together. So that means you will not be in the salon for hours waiting on me to finish other clients. You will leave at a reasonable time. I am a Certified Dream Catcher Extension Tech but I offer other services as well. I have also been Certified by Patric Bradley after attending one of his Hair Color Melody Boot Camp classes. I am always continuing my education by taking advance hair cutting/styling/ color classes.​****I am Licensed**** ​Giving High quality customer service to my clients is my #1 priority, so you will always be comfortable and relaxed in my drama free environment. I like my environment to remain drama free so if you are causing any problems I have the right to refuse service to any guest.​Although it is impossible to please everyone in the world, but my missions is to make sure you are satisfied before you exit the salon. I enjoy changing a persons look even if its for a night out on the town, self esteem boost, special event or if you just want a new look.​I work with all hair textures. Everyone is welcomed, come on in and let me create a new look for you.


You’re already Beautiful! We just refine beauty with trendy styles and mainstream hair color and cuts. From single process color to highlights or weaves to more trendy styles such as ombre and fantasy colors. We’re even great at hair extensions, now offering 3 different types: Beaded Wefts, Beaded Individual and Tape-in Extensions at Hypnotic Salon Las Vegas.Just read what real clients of the salon have to say. We give little to no weight to reviews written on unverified sites like google, yahoo yelp and the others.


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